We believe a successful design is a collaboration that blends what you want with our knowledge of what works. Our design services include:


Mapping the Existing Site: In order to better understand what the existing site conditions are, we recommend creating a scaled drawing which shows, at a minimum, the following landscape elements:  topography, buildings, plants, walkways, site lines, solar exposure and mature plant material.

Conceptual Plans: The concept design sets the vision and tone for the project.  The conceptual drawings are loose, showing major layout ideas and identifying areas of the garden for use. In order to better understand the ideas, we  provide scaled drawings that show  the landscape from different views: plan, elevation, section, perspective.

Construction Drawings: These are drawings which describe and show in greater detail the features indicated on the Conceptual Plan, and provide insight into the construction and  function of those features.

Engineering Plans: As landscape and general building contractors, we have experience working with civil, soil and structural engineers to design elements such as retaining walls, drainage systems, stairs, and decks.

Planting, Irrigation and Lighting Plans: During the conceptual planning phase, we also develop a conceptual planting plan to determine how the plant material will impact the space. Examples include: shading a patio or deck, screening the neighbor, providing fragrance at the front door, providing herbs near the kitchen door. From this conceptual plan, a more detailed plan is created showing type, size and quantity of plants. And from this detailed planting plan, an irrigation and lighting plan is created, showing all of the mechanical components of these two systems.

Permit Packages: We have experience in securing landscape, building & zoning permits with different municipalities and Homeowners Associations. This includes incorporating the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO) into the plans.

Project Costing: Since we build our own projects, we can talk about what they will cost to build during the design phase. This enables us to work together with you to design a project within a budget.

As-Built Plans: When the project is complete, it is important to know where and what everything is. We can provide a written record (drawing in hard copy and/or PDF) of what was installed and where it is.