As licensed and insured contractors, we can build all aspects of your project:


Drainage: How storm water flows across the site and is discharged is a fundamental consideration to protecting structures and practicing site ecology. We have experience installing sub-surface and roof drains that discharge either by gravity or sump-pumps.  While discharging to the city storm drain is the most common practice, we are always looking for ways to practice sustainability by keeping the water on-site and letting it sink into the soil to replenish the water table.  

Walls: Changes in elevation are a great way to create interest in the landscape. This is often accomplished by building retaining walls. We have experience building walls in a variety of materials: stone, concrete, wood, steel. For situations that require piers and engineering, we have a strong relationship with subcontractors who excel in their field.

Fences, Gates and Arbors: From functional deer fencing to architectural wood or weathered steel fencing, we have extensive experience and knowledge in building a variety of styles of fences, gates and arbors. We also can recommend and install quality hardware and finishes to complement the landscape feature.

Decks: Wood decks are a relatively easy way to create usable space either adjacent to the house or as a detached structure in the landscape. The decks we build use either redwood or hardwood decking and stainless steel fasteners which virtually eliminate corrosion. We also pay careful attention to protecting the sub-structure with protective membranes (flashing). 

Patios: Patios can help define the outdoor room. They provide a place to sit, dine, and entertain. Designed with natural stone in irregular shapes or tight fitting rectangles, or concrete with integral color, we have expertise in constructing with a range of materials.

Walkways: Walkways and paths are an essential part of the landscape. Like patios, they can be constructed from a variety of materials.  Examples include: wood chips, gravel, concrete, brick or natural stone. Whether the layout calls for right angles or curves, we can build both functional and/or elegant walkways to fit the design.

Water-Features/Fire Pits: Water and Fire add a whole new dimension to the garden. In addition to the visual appeal of both, fire pits provide warmth while water features add sound and attract wildlife such as birds and butterflies.  We install both recirculating water features and natural gas fire pits.

Low Voltage Lighting: Landscape lighting can add interest and usability in the garden after the sun goes down. We install systems that can come on automatically by timer, or can be controlled remotely through a phone app. Besides providing safety and security, landscape lighting can also create dramatic views of the garden at night. We have installed a variety of path lights, up and down lights, and custom fixtures to accomplish these objectives.